Triggered by audio

Searching google on trigger and audio does come up with answers, but not to my liking (skill level).

I need a clap circuit that uses audio input to trigger relais. I want to convert an device that plays 2 sounds, sound 1 = good/ sound 2 = bad. Since that is not enough for some of our QA-staff I want to hook up red and green LED strips.

Does anyone know of a shield (or circuit) that I can start off with?

So I got what i wantted with the help off the microfoon module. I give a strange number of outputs but still works.

So the arduino waits on a certain sound input < 70 then sets a status to 1 and peforms the actions (red green led)

One thing I noticed is that it produced strange monitor output. with values over my set value.
21:29:30.150 → 1
21:29:30.964 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 452
21:29:30.998 → 1
21:29:31.811 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 433
21:29:31.845 → 1
21:29:32.641 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 548
21:29:32.712 → 1
21:29:39.549 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 1023
21:29:39.583 → 1
21:29:41.222 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 3
21:29:41.256 → 1
21:29:46.486 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 437
21:29:46.520 → 1
21:29:49.812 → DETECTED! Sensor Value: 624
21:29:49.846 → 1

Does anyone have an explenation? Is this some lag in the system/loop?

Also is there an easy shield to swap out to have an mono audio jack i.s.o. mic shield? I notice if yo scream or knock hard on the casing it pops green.

I don't see anything strange in that output.

That of course may also have to do with your total lack of explanation of what you're trying to do and what you expect the output to be.

The sound is always a single beep. I would expect the same value (+- a error margin),

Sound is not a stable signal, it's AC. The value you see depends on when exactly the sample is taken.

A peak detector should allow for a much more stable reading.