Triggered event starts multiple things - Sooo confused :(


I'm building a church bell ringer. I have an mp3 player for my Arduino and a sonar distance device hooked up using this project:

However, I need to start moving the church bell when the sound starts. What is the simplest way for me to invoke a motor when the Mp3 player starts? I simply need an off/on ability when the Mp3 starts.

Individually all components work fine. My sonar trips at 10cm and the church bell recording plays just fine. I need to know how to embed a "START MOVING CHURCH BELL" command when the Mp3 starts.

I have read through quite a few threads on event triggering, but I'm lost at how to combine that ability within the sketch that I used as a basis.

Thanks kindly!

And we are lost without knowing what code you have got. Please post it correctly. If you don’t know what correctly is then read the Getting the best out of this forum post at the top of each section.

Is the MP3 player under control of your Arduino?

Happy Friday Mike!

The code was provided in the article at the beginning, I didn't think people would want me reposting code. Obviously I was wrong.

You have provided me with some valuable insight on etiquette. My apologies for not being as skilled in these ways as you are.

Have a great day!

There is a lot of code presented in that article. We need to know the code that you uploaded to your Arduino.

Read the forum guidelines to see how to properly post code.
Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto format) before posting code in code tags.

Tell us about your motor. Post a data sheet for the motor. What motor driver for the motor? What power supply for the motor?

And one more important thing you might have missed, is that if you don’t want help, then don’t post a question.

Good luck with your project.

Thanks Mr/Ms Fungus :).

You have helped me a lot. I kept focusing on why you would need to know the motor specs. After some digging I realized I am trying to drive the motor improperly from the Arduino. So I'm off to build a wee circuit with appropriate components to drive the motor.

I did figure out how to turn things on/off with my Mp3 player. Ironically I tripped over the answer to that question while I was researching why you would need the motor specs.

Thanks again for both the thinking and the guide.

LOL, I haven't been bitten by the forum deities for a long time. I guess I needed that as I feel like I'm in high school again.

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