Triggering 8 LEDs with separate MIDI patterns using Ableton

Hello Arduino Community. I am new to this and have a project planned that requires the use of Arduino and Ableton, I could do with some help!

The project will be a 5:1 surround sound immersive installation that aims to recreate the experience of being at sea and navigating by lights. Each LED will have an accompanying synthesised sound, and the light and audio will be triggered by a set MIDI pattern for each.

Essentially I need to run 8 MIDI channels to an Arduino UNO from Ableton to trigger 8 separate LEDs. I have so far managed to write a simple code for one pattern, using the standalone IDE software, but integrating it into Ableton/Max4live for multiple is going to require a different type of coding as I am currently using the delay function for this pattern which causes the whole circuit and all channels to delay or ‘block’.

An example of the patterns required:
6 quick flashes, one long flash - period of 15seconds
constant flash - every 2 seconds
3 quick flashes, off - period of 10 seconds

I downloaded the Max4live/Arduino connection kit which seems to be the a good option but have had no luck so far with routing multiple channels to it. Is there a way to set the input for each digital pin to the MIDI out of tracks in Ableton? And if using the connection kit will I still need to write code for each pattern? As I was hoping the MIDI notes alone could trigger the lights. I understand you have to map a parameter to each channel in the connection kit, but it doesn’t seem possible to map the MIDI output of each channel to trigger these…

Any advice on the best way to go about achieving this project would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

A Uno is not the best Arduino to use. An Arduino Leonardo or Micro can be programmed to look like a USB MIDI device. Then it is easy to send MIDI control messages, or note on/off messages on each of your channels, and pick them up and light the appropriate lights.

A MIDI input to lights project is in my book