triggering a click event video Nextion.

In your video you seem to be expecting something to happen when you are in edit mode in the editor. At no point do I see you use the debug screen to test. Am I missing something or misunderstanding what you are doing?

Hi Perry,

I wanted to show you the editor so you can see the codes. If you examine the codes carefully, you can see that I run a click command from within the timer. on the physical screen you will see that the button is continuously receiving that click command. but you will see that the button clicked with the click command does not send a click information to the arduino via serial.

it only sends information to the arduino when it physically clicks the button. that's exactly what I mean.

Sorry ersinkecis, but I am not prepared to look that closely at the video.

Your question should be a seperate one from the one raised by Manuel_o, it is not good to jump on other people's questions. I for one am confused as to who I am answering and what the question is. I will ask the moderator to separate them.

Once that has happened please put your HMI file into a zip file and upload it to your question and I'll have a look at it.




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