Triggering GoPro Hero 5 and electric circuit with Arduino!

Hi everyone, I am working on a experiment set up and there is a GoPro Hero 5 involved in this setup. How can I send a signal to GoPro for it to snapshot the moment I want? Also, I want to send a signal to circuit for it to close the circuit so that current pass through. (I just want to do the both at the same time or may be certain delay time between them. How can I do this? Thanks.

Did you google for "external trigger gopro arduino"?

Cheers, Kari

Yeah, I did but I found several sources for different models. Also, because I am not skilled in arduino I do not think I can rearrange those codes for my model. I wanted to ask you guys whether you know an exact solution.

Cheers, Mert.

I see two possibilities here... 1. You are lazy and you just need solution without efforts 2. You don't know exactly what you need or want

Google again.

And here is the first I find in 10 seconds, continue with that:

Cheers, Kari