Triggering Mosfets with IR Sensors

Can these IR sensors trigger a MOSFET gate directly? or do they have to run through an arduino?

sensors to use:



PRobably. Are you wanting to turn the MOSFET on or off?

They should work. The MOSFET datasheet indicates it is a logic level MOSFET (Vgs = 5V). The product description for the sensors indicate it can be driven by 5V and the output can drive a relay which means it can drive this logic level MOSFET.

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I would like to turn 2 Leds off and 1 Led on. A combination of N channel and P channels.

You don't need a MOSFET to drive and LED. MOSFETs are for high current/power applications. LEDs do not fall into that category (unless you are using strings of leds). Any transistor will work for driving 3 LEDs.

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