Triggering .mp3 or .wav sounds on Android via Arduino with Bluetooth Serial

Hi all!

Brand new on the forums here... I'm trying to make an electric drum out of Arduino and piezoelectric transducers, I ruled out the possibility of using midi sampling due to many reasons. But now what I plan to do is either use Arduino for triggering keys when connected to the PC (If I hit a piezo, if it crosses a threshold, it will simulate a keystroke, say C for the snare) and it the PC will make a drum sound from this online virtual drum Online virtual games | Play drums | Free Virtual Drumming games

So the thing is, this will require me to carry a laptop or have a PC wherever I wanna play, so an alternative would be to connect the Arduino to an Android via bluetooth (HM-08) and when I hit a piezo, it sends a message via serial to my Android smartphone, which has the drum "snare" sample, and this sample would be played. But how can this be possible, anyone can point me in the right direction?


I think I found an instructable that could help:

But it's via USB, gotta switch it to Bluetooth...