triggering on one interrupt pin causes false trigger in the 2nd interrupt pin.

i have enabled two interrupts on pin 2 and pin 3 on pro mini to trigger on falling edge. both of them are connected to spst push switches. i have enable the internal pullups on both the input and i have setup hardware debouncing with 10 mf capcitor and a 220 ohm resister on both the inputs. the pro mini is in the sleep stage all the time and the interrupts is used to wake it up.

The problem is that, SOMETIMES when i trigger one switch the other interrupt pin is also triggered( after the false triggerring , the actual intended interrupt is triggered ). why is this phenomenon. pls help .....

Sigh... sketch and schematic please. Read the forum guidelines in the sticky post before you post again.

Can't help without schematic.

10 mF & 220Ω doesn't sound quite right, either.