Triggering (sending to) a ESP8266 from IFTTT or similar


I am pulling my hair out trying to find information about this on Google...

I want to be able to trigger an action on a ESP8266 which is basically turn a pin on which is linked to a relay to turn a light on and since I have some experience of IFTTT I was wanted to use that.

Problem is after 2 days of Googling every result I am given regardless of the keywords entered are all results for triggering something of IFTTT from a ESP8266 so the ESP8266 acting as the transmitter rather than receiver.

I know I can run a webserver on the ESP8266 and use a web broswer to turn the light on and off but I needed to use IFTTT or similar because ultimately I need the whole sequence of events to be triggered via email (from a geofencing / tracking service).

So hence the hair pulling in frustration when every result returned is for the ESP8266 acting as a button or sensor rather than as a server or receiver.

I would really apperciate a point in the right direction or any words of wisdom.



maybe Make your IoT things react to hundred of IFTTT Events - How-To - The Internet of Thinger

I never figured out how to get IFTTT to work. My preferred communications protocol is MQTT.

I did have something similar working from an ESP8266 but recently I have had problems getting it to work properly after updating my code because of wifi network changes. I built a very simple alarm system that uses a float switch power on an ESP8266, after a 3 min delay. The code sends a trigger to IFTTT Webhooks which triggers an Applet which then sends a notification to the IFTTT App on my phone.

This was easy to put together using the instructions I found here

It continued to work when IFTTT stopped supporting SMS messages.

However. I am now seeing a 2hour delay between trigger being sent and the notification arriving on my phone. Also when I've tried to build a second system using the same code but a different trigger it doesn't work at all!

So I am also looking for an alternative to IFTTT