Trinket audio player

Hello: I have loaded and got the Adafruit Trinket Audio Player working as advertised, although I had to use a different Flash memory chip. i have burned many ATtiny85's using this code. Now for some reason it no longer compiles correctly, changed computers, changed IDE versions, changed operating systems even LINIX. Currently running IDE 1.8.10, started out with IDE 1.8.5, this is where the sketch was originally generated. When the working hex file is loaded all is fine. However now when the hex file is generated, even though it has the exact same byte count, there are two bytes on line 10034 of the hex file that is changed and will no longer run. This has really got me stumped. Acts is though the compiler is somehow misinterpreting a line of code?? Its just my guess. I have downloaded the required files from the site many many times with same results.
any ideas
Thank you