Just wanted to post a preview of my current project. I have been working on this a while ago here:

In the previous version, I had created a trip computer powered by the Arduino which displayed the speed, distance, time etc on 3 seven segment displays. Recently as I had more free time, I bought a serial character LCD and decided to upgrade from my 7 Segment displays. To make a long story short, I had to rewrite my code and create libraries to make it more readable. After a couple days work, I am now almost ready to install the character LCD screen.

Tomorrow I will install it in my car and post an update with pictures, but as a preview I have made a video showing some of the different modes for the LCD.


Note: I have not included the speed in mph and distance in miles. The only thing is that the distance is not as extensively displayed as it is in km. I am not sure if I should display the yards too. I tried to get the speed somewhat consistent, but it was difficult tapping a wire instead of passing a magnet over the reed switch.

MODES: 1. Speed in km/h 2. Speed in mph 3. Average speed km/h 4. Average speed mph 5. Distance in km 6. Distance in Miles 7. Security Message - Purpose: same as blinking LED on radio in the car 8. Trip time

Current Problems: 1. Average speed is not displaying, stays at zero. 2. Interrupt wont advance menu when on security mode. (Probably due to the fact that I am using a 60 second delay in that function) 3. Dont know what to encase the LCD in, probably just going to use paper, cardboard, and electrical tape. (Aesthetics are not my strong point, any suggestions appreciated)

PARTS: 1. Arduino MEGA: 2. LCD: 3. Reed Switch: I think I bought it from radioshack or 4. Resistors, a capacitor, and wires.

Current Codes & Libraries:

Sorry to keep you all waiting so long, but I finally got around to installing the whole thing in my car last night. I also added a PIN function so that all the users will have to enter a PIN. The car will recognize who it is and display a corresponding message. For the video, I only used the Guest PIN. I apologize for the terrible video quality, for some reason this camera cant take footage inside my car. I also tried filming during the day and the quality was even worse. For better quality footage, you can check out the videos I linked in the above post, but those were filmed before I had it installed in my car. I also added a PIR sensor to the driver side foot well so when the person steps into the car, the Arduino will activate the display and ask for a PIN.

I am now in the process of creating a blinking LED for the security function and will use a tactile switch to activate the security function.



Updated libraries and .pde files: