Triton IoT Node: Arduino DUE + CC3000 + Alljoyn = amazing

Hi, everybody out there: I am a student from university of Florida. I am doing an arduino based IoT development board with my teammates(just a hobby). Just call it "triton", a satellite of neptune. whatever. I bought several open hardware modules this year, sparkcore, pixy, etc. It really gives me lots of fun. Then I discovered alljoyn, a world-famous IoT protocol.

Let me introduce you what we are doing now: We embed a cc3000 wifi module into arduino DUE integrated with AJTC(Alljoyn thin client). Each triton node can talk to each other through alljoyn bus daemon running on gateway(AR9331). I create a rough website to host this open source project and I've created quite a few tutorials on how to make connected things with triton. For example, voice control Smart Electric fan, WIFI car, etc.

I'd like to know what features most people would want, any kinds of feedback are warmly welcomed.

Thanks in advance! William

We are reaseaching IoT with Arduino Due,cc30000 and OnJoyn framework.We try to apply onboarding however we get some troubles on Arduino. Could you please share me your projects to investigate
Best thanks