TRM-433-LT RF-module With arduino


Is it possible to get the TRM-433-LT RF-module to work with arduino?

This is the website:

Any help is welcom :slight_smile:


Is it possible to get the TRM-433-LT RF-module to work with arduino?

Certainly looks like it should be. What problems are you having?

nothing jet, i did not buy it because i wanted to know if it would work..

Get you point me to any information on how to use it?

Get you point me to any information on how to use it?

Depends on how you connect it. If you connect it to the serial port pins (0 and 1), use Serial.print(), Serial.write(), and/or Serial.println() to send data out. Use Serial.available() to see if there is any data to read, and to actually read the data.

If you use two other pins, use NewSoftSerial to create a software serial port, and the same function names to send/receive data.

can you show me a little example code pleas?

The bluetooth device takes the place of the wire to the computer. Any sketch that writes to the serial port will work, if you connect the device to pins 0 and 1.

i realy can't get it to work.. can sombody pleas help me..

Show how the device is connected - a schematic or a picture or both.

Post the code you have, even if it doesn't work.

What is the bluetooth device supposed to pair with?

Tnx for the fast awnser!

I want to use the device for my light in my room! i have a system that runs on 433 mhz something like this:

The code i used to get the code from the remote is:

* Simple Receiver Code
* (TX out of Arduino is Digital Pin 1)
* (RX into Arduino is Digital Pin 0)
int incomingByte = 0;
void setup(){
//2400 baud for the 434 model
void loop(){
// read in values, debug to computer
if (Serial.available() > 0) {
incomingByte =;
Serial.println(incomingByte, DEC);
incomingByte = 0;

and my setup is:

Uploaded with


According to the data sheet for the radio, you need to connect something to the third pin from the right - the data pin. The 4th pin defines whether the radio is receiving or transmitting.

If I'm seeing your picture clearly, you do not have anything connected to the data pin. Is that right?

thats right! but how do i connect it propperly and get the data?

Just move the wire from pin 4 to pin 3, on the radio, for now. The radio will be receive-only, but that's fine for now.

Get that working, understand what the remote sends it, if possible, then you can worry about being able to send something like the remote does.

i've done that but i'm not receiving anything...

any ideas?