Trouble combining sleep with if/else toggle

Hi all,
this is my first time playing with the arduino. Haven’t really mucked about with code/electronics since uni (maybe 10 years ago…) so apologies if my code errors are obvious.

I’m trying to toggle between two servo positions; the opposite one each time the arduino wakes.

I’ve tried playing with the delay time and moving the boolean toggle and sleep function call outside the if/else scope with no success. I’ve also gone for extreme (0/180) servo val’s to check that I wasn’t having servo position problems.

Every combo seems to wake up, give a little wiggle (~30 deg) on the servos and then sleep.

I’ve attached the code and would love some input.

suspension_lockout.ino (1.59 KB)

How long does it take one of your servos to rotate 115 to 135 degrees? You are only allowing 150 milliseconds, before going back to sleep. Are you (mistakenly) expecting the servos to keep moving while the Arduino is beddy-bye?

I’ve tried upping it to 5 seconds and still get the same result, just slower…

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