Trouble connecting 7 servos at power source

Hello, this is my firt Arduino project and i’m triyng to connect 7 servos (mg-955) at a 5v x 1,2A AC Adapter but it’s not working. I’m putting them in parallel between the terminals of the source on the breadboard, without using any other eletronical component and i already connected the negative pole at Arduino GND (and of course, the signal pin of each servo). Any idea? (Sorry for bad english)

Any idea?

Yes post a schematic of what you have done.
It is unlikely that you will be able to power that many servos from such a small current capacity power supply. Do you know what current they take?

Basic servo wiring setup.

While draining a 5v voltage, the servo current seems to be like 350mA.
I’m doing something like this:

Obs: I didn’t find a AC Adapter(5v, 1.2A), so i put a Power Plug to represent it.

Is that right?

Let's get this clear from the start that is not a schematic but a physical layout diagram and only sutiable for the most trivial thing.
Fortunately this is trivial, if you wire it like you have shown it will work, so basically you have not.
Wire The servos one at a time one at a time testing each as you go and see when it stops working.

A general rule of thumb is allow 1A per small servo (when simultaneously moving).
If only one at a time moves perhaps 2 to 3A will be enough.

If you only used one servo at a time, it might work.

But the catch is, the servo might be drawing a fairly large current even if it is not moving. Seven servos might use more than 1.2 Amps, even if they are not moving.

Get a bigger power supply.

Thanks for the help, I was trying to move them all at the same time, so they were consuming all the current and some didn't worked. I'll buy a power supply with higher amperage. Thank you all!