Trouble connecting Due to Arduino 1.8.1 ... Port option grayed-out

Having some trouble connecting my Due to Arduino 1.8.1 (running Win7Pro). Installed the 'Arduino SAM Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M3)' version 1.6.11 using the Boards Manager. I believe the comm. driver is installed and I have the Due connected to one of my USB ports. Have my Due connected via the standard programming port. When I select the 'Arduino Due (Programming Port)' board under Tools->Board, it does not allow me to select the Port. The Port selection is grayed out. It appears to be recognizing the Due, since it is listing 'Arduino Due (Programming Port) on COM19' at the bottom of the IDE screen.

Any ideas why the Port option is grayed out? How can I select the comm. port? Appreciate any help.

Try a known-working USB cable or test the cable you're using on a different device to make sure it works for data. You may have a charge-only or defective USB cable.

I was able to get it working. It just took a while for the driver to be picked up and shown in the IDE. Once that happened, Port was automatically selected to the correct Due port. Everything is working fine.

Thanks for looks.