Trouble Creating Temperature Controller (TMP36)


I am very new to the Arduino and have a basic kit. Recently, a lab I volunteer at has wanted to create a heating mechanism that can heat cultured petri dishes to an accurate 37 Celsius. I found the following guide which seemed promising but found several parts of the tutorial unclear for a beginner.

The guide outlines what I will need for the project, however for a prototype to see if the project is feasible for me or not, I was wondering what I will need in addition to what I own. Currently I own an Arduino Uno, a Breadboard, Breadboard Wires,and Nichrome Wire (my heating element). I am requesting help on how to use the nichrome wire to heat up my desired petri dish and how it is used in combination with the TMP36 sensor to actualize the project. Essentially I'm looking for a simple way to create a temperature controller that connects the dots in this guide. I want to know what I absolutely need to order and how I can use those parts to work on the project. Thanks!

I don’t think you’re going to be able to make a plate incubator with a nichrome wire. They are good for getting really hot, but they don’t really make a lot of heat. Great for cutting through styrofoam, but something big with a high heat capacity isn’t going to heat up much and if it does it won’t heat evenly.