Trouble downloading Uno driver

Hi, I appear to have downloaded 0022 file application successfully and upon opening it to install the driver/s for the Uno using windows XP find there is a Driver folder but only FTDI driver enclosed. I cannot find an any reference to any other drivers anywhere.I navigate to Device Manager and Under Other devices with a yellow ? there is Arduino Uno. In Ports and LPT there is no port for Arduino at all. Please help as I dont know where to go from here. I have tried different sockets and different cables all register the same result.

For the Uno on Windows, you don't need a driver, just a .inf file that describes the board to the operating system (so it can use a built-in driver). The .inf file is located in the drivers/ directory (the parent of the FTDI drivers directory). See: for screen shots showing the installation process.

Thanks for your advice but having followed step by step and not getting exactly the same screenshots. I am left in the same predicament. I feel I am going round in circles. I am even contemplating getting a different Arduino, one with an FTDI chip as I seem to be able to access them.I guess I'm a bit slow but I can't seem to get this thing up and running By the way when I plug the uno in I get a Green light and an Orange one flashing. Does than mean anything.I've looked at afew troubleshooters but no help there.Any new suggestions would be welcome.

Are you able to do update driver from the device manager? Where does it diverge from the screenshots posted?

The fact that the LEDs go on make it sound like the board is getting powered. Have you tried it with a different computer?

Greetings Guys, I have managed, with your most welcome help and advice, to get to my first programmable (sketch) page.Don't ask me how I just kept plugging away, blindly, most of the time. Now the fun begins,I guess this is where my brain, really, starts to hurt. I thank you most kindly and no doubt will visit here regularly as there is so much good,interesting and helpful advice etc. Thanks again.

KUDOS for the Nice! start