Trouble getting adafruit GPS logger example parsing sketch to work with Arduino?

Hello, I have an Arduino Uno and an adafruit GPS logger shield that I have stacked on top. Right now I'm following the tutorials on the adafruit website, trying to get their GPS parsing example to work.

soft serial connection tutorial: Soft Serial Connect | Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield | Adafruit Learning System
parsing data example sketch tutorial: Parsing Data | Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield | Adafruit Learning System

As suggested in the tutorial, I downloaded the adafruit GPS master library from github, then connected the board to the computer and set the switch to soft serial. I then opened up the parsing example sketch, changed the line SoftwareSerial mySerial(3, 2); to SoftwareSerial mySerial(8, 7);, and compiled/uploaded the sketch.

Then, I opened up the serial monitor, but I don't get the same output as in the tutorial (or even close). I get a bunch of weird symbols, like this:


Any idea what could be going on? I'm just getting started with the GPS logger and not sure what's wrong.


Looks like datarate mismatch.
Try 4800 or 9600.

No need to post the same thing multiple times either. Please don't do that anymore.

Okay, I switched the baud rate to 4800 in the line:


, then opened the serial communication window and switched the rate there as well.

This produced different weird symbols:


However, I think you're onto something because when I deliberately mismatch the rates (for example, 4800 in the sketch, and 9600 in the serial communication window), I get similar weird symbols.

Not sure what other rates to try though; the comment in the example program says that 9600 is the default rate for adafruit GPS's, and that others use 4800, but nothing else.

And yeah, sorry about that. I initially posted it in the other place and then realized that it wasn't the correct section of the forum, so I reposted it here, but I couldn't figure out how to delete the original one.

Okay, after some more playing around with the baud rates, I was able to get it to work better.

Right now I'm keeping the GPS rate at 9600:


but in the serial monitor window I switched the rate to 115200 baud because I noticed that this was the rate that the program is using for serial communication:


Now I'm getting an output that looks more like what the tutorial had. However, this hasn't completely solved the problem yet; there are still some weird symbols and I'm not sure why. This is the beginning of the output:

Adafruit GPS library basic test!

Time: 0:5:56.799
Date: 0/52/2023
Fix: 0 quality: 0

I'm using it inside, so I think that probably explains why it's not getting a fix, but I still don't think I'm supposed to be getting all these weird symbols. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be now?