Trouble Identifying pins on a keypad.

I’m following the keypad tutorial on the arduino playground. LINK

I’m having trouble identifying which 7 pins I need to use the keypad. I’m following the tutorial closely but I find some of the information a bit too vague.

For instance. What do I do If I get a reading on my meter from 2 different keys in the same row without having moved my first lead from pin 1? Do I write both numbers down next to the row? Discard the second?

Example: I have my leads on Pin1 and pin 5. I get a reading while pressing the 7 key. If I go to pin 1 and pin 6, I get a reading pressing the 9 key. I’ve already written 1 down underneath column 0 and a 5 next to row 2. So where do I write the number 6? I’m getting quite confused, and this is happening multiple times before I ever move my original lead from pin 1 to pin 2.

Thanks in advance for the help.

It would be nice to know which keypad it is you have. If you cant give us that, at least how many pins it has.

What I've done with the keypads is just load the keypad software onto the arduino and have it report which button was pressed through serial and just do some tweaking from there.

I think there is an example for it.

actually that makes sense.

My keypad looks exactly the same as the images in the tutorial. 12 key. 14 pins.

oh wow, so they must all share a 5v rail, ground rail, and then each pin is a switch. Yea just use the examples and tweak em up