Trouble in instalation with DEBIAN: serial port


I just installed DEBIAN WHEEZY (32 bits) and I have started ARDUINO 1.1 as given in the DEBIAN DVD distribution.

ARDUINO has been installed, and is working, but I have no access to serial ports (the serial port menu is grayed). As I'm new with this OS, I do not really know how to check if the serial port have been installed/recognized by the OS.

I made a search in the forum but did not find what I was looking for!

Thank for your help.

I personally use the Arduino on UBUNTU linux distro and its compiling super fast and working all veyr fine than its windows counter part.

UBUNTU is something derived out of DEBIAN which is a big thing ,so its essentially same all the way as such follows the UBUNTU installation way >> Ubuntu! - How To Install Arduino IDE 1.0.3 in Ubuntu 13.04 - YouTube

Thanks, but this does not answer my question!

I used UBUNTU in the past, but I use now DEBIAN, and so I wish to have info on how to set-up serial ports with DEBIAN.

Thanks, but this does not answer my question!

I'm not knowing things from wireless connection, talking on the base of info. you provide.

You have librxtx-java ?