Trouble in Installation

I have purchased my new arduino mega 2560 but i am facing the following problems in installation.
1- The port number generated by the hardware in device manager is not shown in arduino software.
2- The board starts at port number which conflicts with the other attached devices on the computer and sometime hence goes to unidentified devices.
3- The Power Led present on the board always glows as Red light instead of a green light.
4-One LED marked with L always blinks with Red color.
Kindly guide me whats the problem with it.
Thanks alot

The led with 'L' is probably the led at pin 13. It might blink, that is okay. A red led instead of a green power led is no problem.

However, a port number that conflicts with existing ports is a problem.
Which operating system are you using ?
Did you install the driver that is included with the Arduino IDE software ?
Or did you buy a clone on Ebay with a CH340G chip ?

Thanks alot for replying.
I am using win 7 64 bit.
Yes I have downloaded and installed the software from this link (
Installed it, but its not showing the port # on which the arduino connected.
Also the hardware conflicts with already connected devices.
Thanks once again.

When you installed the Arduino IDE, the drivers are somewhere in the Arduino folder. However, I think you still have to (re)install the drivers for the usb.

When you close the Arduino IDE and remove the board, and connect the board again, you could use the Device Manager to update the driver and find the driver in the Arduino folder.

I just done it.
See the port conflict, i have attached the image file of the device manger.

arduino port conflict.png

For the sake of simplicity, i removed the other device that was conflicting with arduino card.
Then i run the program.
But see the pic, its not showing anything attached at the port of arduino board.

arduino software pic.png

Very strange.
What is the ZTE port ? Is that something special. Can you disconnect it, or remove the driver ?
Or can you try to change the port number for the Arduino. Right click on the COM port in the device manager, and perhaps somewhere in the advanced settings.

Actually in the second image i have disconnected ZTE usb from the port and then opened the software, and you can see that nothing is shown in the serial box.
Also i have changed the port # from the advance setting but the result is same.
The new number is not still shown in the serial box.
Thanks alot

Sorry, I don't know what to do. I never had something like that before.
You can try to connect the Arduino Mega board to another computer, that should be okay.
If the Arduino Mega is okay on another computer, you can keep the drivers for a hardware COM port in the computer, and try to remove all the other serial device drivers. After that try to install the Arduino driver.
If that doesn't help, perhaps your Windows files are bad. Run a harddisk check. Maybe in the end you have to repair or re-install Windows... =(

If I remember it right, I had a printer problem like that in Windows Vista. That was caused by a bad harddisk. I was able to get it working without re-installing Windows. That Windows Vista version is still running with those missing/bad system files.