Trouble installing plugin

I download and try to run it but nothing happens. Either run or run in terminal.

I don't have the plugin icon in my bar. Editor spins can't find anything. I get the yellow "No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect".

I don't know how to make the plugin work. Raspbian Linux on a Pi.

Point me to a resource? Something I am obviously missing?

to use the agent on ARM Linux boards (like Raspberry PI) you need to compile everything by yourself.
We currently package it only for Windows, Mac and Linux on 64bit Intel processors.

You can find the instructions to compile it here: GitHub - arduino/arduino-create-agent: The Arduino Create Agent

Ok. xxxx

I'll go look at that but my guess is I'll probably just download the desktop IDE then.

Thanks for the info.

Didn't realize "xxxx" was considered an unacceptable word here. Good to know.

People have had timeouts for less.


People have had timeouts for less.

I absolutely do not doubt that.