Trouble installing Uno (smd) driver in Windows 7 x64

Hi, I just got a used Uno from a friend, it works for him and is running blink right now.
When I plugged it in, Windows didn't try to install a driver (maybe because I have another usb microcontroller driver installed (ti msp430)), and I'm not sure how to set it up manually. There is no change in device manager usb devices when plugging/unplugging the Uno.
The COM port entry showed COM1 and LPT1.

I then tried to install several drivers, unplugging and plugging the Uno between each install.
First I tried the drivers package in the Arduino IDE folder.
Then I tried VCP Drivers - FTDI
Then I tried D2XX Drivers - FTDI
I had to install the Uno R3 driver because this was the only Uno driver available to select.

Here is a screenshot of my device manager:

The devices with the warning sign say "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".

I might need to uninstall unnecessary drivers for this device to work; please at least tell me which driver to use, or how to force Windows to set it up the way it should do automatically.

Problem solved!
Don't use USB extension cords, they seem to only support voltage and not data traffic.

That about the cords is not true. Might have been in your case, but was an exception.

Unless you mean LONG cords, which then would make sense