Trouble Interpreting 433MHz Wave Into Binary

I know there are variations of this question on this forum a lot, so I’ll attempt to focus on what makes this seemingly a unique question…

I’m following this tutorial: Control Your Fireplace with an Amazon Echo - YouTube
That goes with this GitHub: GitHub - alkalinecoffee/echo_fireplace: A simple ESP8266 script to control a gas fireplace with an Amazon Echo and RF transmitter

Basically, I’m trying to read the RF signal from the remote for my gas fireplace using a NESDR Mini 2. I’m supposed to be able to load it into Audacity and interpret the binary code sent by the remote so that I can drop that in the sample code provided in the above GitHub project.

This will allow my Arduino to act as the remote, but have it triggered by Alexa.

This tutorial and everything I can find online that is similar seems pretty straightforward. There is always a clear pattern of 1s and 0s, even if you maybe have to fudge around to figure out what encoding pattern to use.

What I am getting looks nothing like what I see anywhere else, and I’m not sure how interpret this. Or, if I’m doing something wrong when I record it, it’s not obvious to me.

If you look in the attached image, I would expect to see something like the top track. My remote is recording the bottom track.

This is my first attempt at a project like this, so bear with me if I’m asking very elementary questions.

It’s worth noting that I don’t have the exact same fireplace/remote, but I do have the same brand. What I’m working with should be pretty close.

I appreciate any help you guys can provide.

The top 2 tracks look like a Manchester encoded data stream which is fairly common for OOK transmitters. The bottom tracks make no sense at all, and I seriously doubt that kind of transmission would even work with an OOK transmitter as it has a Significant DC component, which will confuse the receiver.