Trouble reading 1 G from nunchuck

Hello everyone!

Hooked up my arduino to a nunchuck last night, and tried a sample code downloaded from todbot blog.

Modified the code slightly, so that it maps the Y-reading from -1,8 G to +1,8G (the datasheet said that range was 3,6G with 0,3 tolerance) Using Arduino 17 as IDE, and duemilanove 328.

My issue :

When I point the nunchuck nose directly up or directly down, I expect to read 1g. What I get is 0,75-0,80 g

Why is that? anyone?

Thanks Andreas from Norway -> Gravity here is normal BTW =)

Andreas from Nowray -> Gravity here is normal BTW =)

Where's Nowray?

Near Demnark.....

You owe me keyboard!