Trouble running on amd64 ubuntu

Hi, when I run, I get some warnings, but it compiles. Then when I run “”, it says
[: 51: ==: unexpected operator

and then yells at me about whether I have jikes installed. I’ve installed the latest tarball of jikes (1.22), so that’s definitely not it. Any ideas what I can do to make arduino run properly?

See this thread:

I just fixed this, so the correct script should be in the Arduino 0007 release.

I added the code you submitted, and now I just get:

[: 52: ==: unexpected operator

Hmm. Your file should just look like this:


cd work && ./arduino && cd ..

and your work/arduino file should be:



# put the directory where this file lives in the front of the path, because
# that directory also contains jikes, which we will need at runtime.
PATH=`pwd`/`dirname $0`:`pwd`/java/bin:${PATH}
export PATH

# put the directory with the native RXTX libs in the library path


I'm not sure where the == would be coming from. Any idea?

After the update to my work/ardino it works like a dream. Thanks!