Trouble saving files with 0013 A on Xubuntu 8.10

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble saving sketches to the Sketchbook directory while running the Ardunio environment on Xubuntu. When I try to save a project using "Save As", I often get a message that says "You can't fool me - the new sketch name and location is the same as the old I ain't not doin' nothin' not now." This message will pop up no matter what name I try to give the project, but often after I try four or five times it will allow me to save the project. Does anyone have any idea what's going here? :-?

I have encountered this message before if I use the "return"/"enter" key instead of clicking on the "Save" button.

I assume it's a bug and the workaround is to always click on the button instead of using the keyboard.

Does this match your experience?


Yes, I just tried your suggestion and saving seems to work consistently if I mouse-click on the "Save" button instead of hitting Enter.