Trouble setting up Arduino Pro Mini

I have an Arduino Pro mini connected to a Bluesmirf, which acts as the serial port with my computer's bluetooth serial port. I can pair the bluetooth fine with the computer, but when I try to upload the PhysicalPixel example below, my bluesmirf breaks off from its pairing with the computer. Has anyone done something similar? What could be the problem?

int outputPin = 13;
int val;

void setup()
  pinMode(outputPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  if (Serial.available()) {
    val =;
    if (val == 'H') {
      digitalWrite(outputPin, HIGH);
    if (val == 'L') {
      digitalWrite(outputPin, LOW);

How do you have them wired?

ok here is how I did it:

I have the same issue! I can't make it work. I have spent the entire day with it, no success at all.

I think I have tried everything!! My code is a copy paste of this tutorial:

The only way I can make the Arduino Pro Mini to work is by connecting it via USB to my other Arduino board as explained here:

Once I remove the cables and just change it to a battery and to the RAW pin, it stops working!! I am so disapointed, frustrated and sad...

Please help!!!!


I finally figured it out by myself and thanks to this post:

The stupid BlueSmirfs come with a default set up of their Baud rates at 115200!!! And the Arduino Pro Mini was looking for a 9600... Got it fixed by using Teraterm and changing the BlueSmirf's baud rate as explained in the link above.

OMG i can't believe I made it work!! It's been an entire day, and I knew from the first test that it was the stupid baud rate, just couldn't make the Teraterm to work properly.

I hope this helps someone in the future. I'm so happy!

How are you? I would like to Thanks for the informative post. I really appreciate it. I hope that I can get more benefit from this topic.