Trouble trying to use a TFT w. Arduino Mega 2560

Hello Arduino-Comuntiy,

I've recently bought a 2.4" TFT (this one) and tried to get it running. I plugged into my Arduino (Mega 2560 R3) and just loaded a program from the Examples. I just saw a white screen. After some time of asking Google, I realized the Arduino-TFT-Lib seems not to be the rigt one for this. I already tried using the UTFT-Lib (this one) with the same result. There was also a Tutorial on using a Disp. on an Uno, but no way (also have a link).
So my Question: What to do? Does anyone have experience with this? I know this is not the best Quality, but i thought it would do for me at first (cause I didn't know the Arduino-Lib woudn't work). Maybe my Fail is quite obvious, but i just don't get it. I'm still just beginner.

Many thanks in advance,

You don't mention which set of examples you used in your test. If they are the ones that come with the Arduino IDE, they're written for the Arduino TFT display. Looking at the vendor web page, it looks like you should have received libraries from them after your purchase. Did you get them, and if so, try them?

As for UTFT, you need to look at the data sheets that come with the module and shield to determine the controller, communication, and from that, the pin assignments to get it to work. I see that the controller for this module is an ILI9325. There are several of these defined in UTFT, you'll need to figure out which one is correct and then figure out what pins are assigned to SCK, MOSI, CS, D/C, and RST (SPI) or SCL, SDA, CS, RS and RST (I2C). A good resource for understanding this is Dimdim's blog at

As for quality, it's always hard to tell from web stores, but it doesn't look too bad to me. It looks like you get both the module and a shield.

Hope this help, but frankly, to help any more I need more technical data about the display to get more specific.