Trouble updating firmware and driver versions on Arduino Leonardo

Hi All.

I have 2 Arduino Leonardo boards that I am using for a project as shown in attached.
They are both installed fine however the one works differently to the other.

I have a card reader attached to both, but one does not give an output of digits from the card (to notepad).

I’ve noticed that the reader that does not give an output has driver version while the one that does has driver version (also as seen in attached files)

So I reseached the procedure to upgrade the firmware via Amtel flip, and even though the Arduino Leonardo shows correctly in my device manager, I cannot start communication via Flip and receive the attached “AtLibUsbDfu.dll” error.

Please kindly advise…I have been allover the forum and youtube trying various methods of uploading the recommended .hex file.

Thanks. Your support is greatly anticipated and appreciated