Trouble Uploading Please help

hey guys,
Ive ran and followed the trouble shooting steps as well as looked for similar posts regarding this topics. So i would consider this a new topic

I bought a at mega 328 p board that is similar to arduino.(bootloader already installed) its a serial board connected with a Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter ( which means it has a receive and transmit pin)
also note that it is an older board, with NO automatic reset*

Heres my problem, Wrote my source code, compiled it (no errors) saved it… Selected the baud rate ( tried a couple different ones) selected the board ( on an older version of arduino ide, the board is listed) so the problem occurs when i try to upload the code from arduino ide… it comes up with an avr dude problem… so im not able to upload a code on to the board!!! please help… any help is appreciated

this is for a project im working on, you can contact me at for a quicker response… thanks

*Includes Atmel ATmega328 Microcontroller with 32kb Internal Flash Program Memory
*Supports Direct Downloading of Arduino Project files (Bootloader Installed)
*Direct In-Circuit Program Download with RS232 Connection (Download through USB with RS232 to USB Converter)
*Up to 20 I/O points
*6 Channels 10-Bit A/D Converters
*SPI and I²C Supported
*Power and Test LED
*Reset and Test Button
*7-10V DC Power Supply
*Small Compact Board
*Plenty of Ready to Use Programs and Programming Guides from the Arduino Project
*Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

Technical Data
*Microcontroller: ATMega328
*Main Crystal: 19.66MHz
*Speed: up to 16 MIPS
*Processor Language: AVR
*High Level Language: Arduino (C++) (Bootloader Installed)
*Program Flash Memory (Internal): 32 kBytes
*RAM Memory (Internal): 2 kBytes
*EEPROM Memory (Internal): 1 kBytes
*I/O Points Available: 20 (14 Digital + 6 ADC)
*I/O Points Connection: 10 Pin Male IDCC Header
*ADC: Yes - 6 Channel 10-Bit
*Conversion Speed: 13-260 µs
*Timers: Yes - Two 8-bit and One 16-bit Timers
Ancillary Features
*In-Circuit Programming: Yes - RS2323 Connection or RS232 to USB Converter (Sold Separately)
*Power-On Led: Yes - Red
*Test Led: Yes
*Reset Button: Yes
*Power Supply
*Power-Supply: 7 - 10 Vdc
*LxWxH: 50mm x 22mm x 10mm
Parts Supplied
*Included Parts: ET-Easy328 Controller, Download Software, Manual on CD, Examples and Sample Code, Data Sheets on CD, *RS232 Connector

Data Sheets
*ATMega328 Data Sheet: Atmel - ATMega328 Data Sheet
*ATMega328 Technical Library (Includes FAQ, Assembly Code Examples and more): Atmel ATMega328 - Technical Library
Compilers and Programming Tools
*AVR Studio IDE: Atmel AVR Studio
*Arduino Compiler: To Arduino Compiler

Did you try reversing the TX and RX connections?

no, not yet. Thanks for the tip, i'll give that a try. If it doesn't work i will continue the search in case any one else is experiencing a similar problem... thanks again