Trouble uploading sketches

When I upload a sketch, it will “almost” always stop with the green progress bar at about 10% progress. This is not board specific. In looking at the events log in the USB properties I see this change that I believe corresponds to this problem starting:

Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service usbser for Device Instance ID USB\VID_2341&PID_0042\857343232303510130D0 with the following status: 0.

Driver Management concluded the process to install driver usbser.inf_amd64_a465ab02edb9afb0 for Device Instance ID USB\VID_2341&PID_0042\857343232303510130D0 with the following status: 0x0.

The device instance described in this case is for my Mega2560. I tried updating the serial driver, but got a response that it is up to date.

I can occasionally get a sketch to load by a combination of shutting down the IDE, disconnecting the USB and/or holding the reset button while uploading.

Any suggestions?

Is this a clone or an ORIGINAL MEGA ?
Which specific OS are you using ?
Which version of the IDE are you using ?

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This issue was not board specific. I am running Windows 10 with IDE version 1.8.13. I am now following the troubleshooting advice and will see where that takes me. Thanks

For the process to stop like that can be an indicator of a couple of things.

Easiest to check is any additional security you may have on the computer such as antivirus.
Simply turn it OFF (TESTING ONLY).

Second is possibly a corrupt install. Additional instructions attached to deal with that aspect.


OK, so I hit it with a hammer. I reset my PC which wiped out the Arduino IDE (among other things). After reinstalling Arduino, all is well.

Thanks you for the help and for the education moving forward.

Well that was one way to do it LOL

:grinning: :grinning: