trouble with 8x8 GB dot matrix.

I've been working through a book called beginning Arduino, by Michael McRoberts, and when I ordered the 8x8 dot matrix, I accidentally got the G/B version with 24 pins instead of the one color, 16 pin version he shows in the book. It was going to be hooked up via 2- 74HC595 Shift Registers, and 8 resistors. I'm sure it's possible to complete this project, (if you weren't such a newbie as myself), but is it worth the trouble, or should I just try and find some 16 pin displays instead, and use the 24 pin, G/B version when I become better versed with the Arduino? I printed out the Datasheet on the Matrix, so I do know what pins are which. I'm also afraid that if I did get it wired up properly, the code he wrote in the book would no longer be useful. Any insight you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Danny S.

If the matrix has an 8x8 array with two LED's at each intersection then you can wire up just 16 of the pins (8 rows and 8 columns) and use it a a one-color matrix. Then when you understand that, add drivers for the other color's columns and make it a two (or three) color matrix.

Thanks John, that's sounds like a good idea. I've noticed that with this hobby, the hardest part is getting the exact parts the authors are using . It's great having people such as yourself answering questions like mine. I don't know anyone in person that is doing this type of hobby electronics. Have a great evening.