Trouble with adding libraries and subsequent file structures

I receive these errors each time that I try to compile the sketch from Capacitive Sense Piano. I have been receiving similar errors when trying to use other libraries as well. My suspicion is that I am either not extracting the library files properly or that I am making some other error in this general area.

I have followed the tutorials at on downloading the libraries, but I must be doing something wrong yet.

My Process:

I download the entire library. It comes to my zip program, where I open it, and create a file in my documents/arduino using the file name on the library zip file. I then extract the files and move the folder to the my documents/arduino/libraries folder, still named, in this case, CapSensePiano.

Next, I try to open the sketch CapSensePiano(source code file), add the libraries and then try to compile. The error codes all seem to indicate that "Keys' and capacitive Sense are either not declared or they do not represent a type (see below)

If anyone can help me through the download/extraction, and proper folder and file placement process I would greatly appreciate it.

All of the other sketches that I run without needing to add libraries run just fine. It seems to be only when I add a library that I struggle.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



31: error: 'CapacitiveSensor' does not name a type sketch_jan28a.ino: In function 'void setup()': sketch_jan28a:39: error: 'keys' was not declared in this scope sketch_jan28a.ino: In function 'void loop()': sketch_jan28a:57: error: 'keys' was not declared in this scope

A common mistake is to download a new library, install it, and then not restart the Arduino IDE. This means the IDE doesn't know it is there., Maybe that's what your problem is.

Where did you get the "Capacitive Sense Piano" sketch? I did a Google search and found lots of variations.

Either show the code or point to where the code can be found.