trouble with analog inputs

Hi! Newb here. Doing well playing with my Arduino for the first time today. I'm using a proto shield/breadboard with my Arduino that I bought assembled and am having bad results with my analog inputs. Have been able to successfully create a few basic circuits using digital pins...simple alternating flashing lights and such...but when I'm getting poor results in trying to use both a potentiometer as well as a photo cell.

I'm pretty sure that both my code and the wiring is correct...the potentiometer seems to be pretty much a no-brainer and my output to the screen is not showing any variation when the knob is turned. It's a pretty crappy little potentiometer...very flimsy but I've tried two of them and two photocells with similar results. No output that is consistent with what should be coming out. Pretty much same output as if nothing were connected to any of the analog pins.

I'm hoping I've just overlooked something but I don't know what it could be. One thing I notice is that the potentiometer does not seat all the way into the breadboard. Might that be my likely problem?

Well hot damn...I found my problem. I took my shield off and noticed that the analog pins on the shield are labeled opposite from that on the arduino board! Gonna have to contact the guy who sold it to me and let him no so he can change his production method!