Trouble with Arduino Mega / PureData / Firmata

Hi all,

firstly, I would to say, I've searched during hours

I got :
an arduino Mega.
I want to :
communicate with P:D

My problem is :
communication works, ONLY on digital pins 10 - 11 -12 - 13
when I use "standard firmdata"
nothing working with "firmdata 2.0"

tried with arduino software v 17 and v 16, on windows 7 and windows xp sp3

Where can I find a "how to?", or someone who wants to help me ? (I'm thinking I'm not alon which got this problem)

Sorry for my bad bad bad english, and for disturbing this forum
helped me. I used the beta7 firmata. im using vb though not P.. whatever that is ;p