Trouble with bootloader on custom Leonardo Clone

Hi All,

Hoping for a little help. I've created a custom Leonardo clone which I'm trying to get functioning. The hardware at this point is just an ATMega32U4 with crystal and a USB connector with passives copied from the Leonardo design connected to the USB port of the M32U4.

I've Flashed the stock bootloader from the .../hardware/arduino/bootloaders/catarina directory for the Leonardo. I've set the fuse bytes to 0xFB, 0xD8, 0xFF for extended, high, low bytes. Then programed the SPM protection for the boot section. This all loads and verifies fine using ICSP.

I've also installed the .inf file (I think properly) by running the dpinst.exe file from the .../drivers directory.

When I connect the USB cable I get a Windows error "USB Device Not Recognized". Two times, presumably when the bootloader first connects as a bootloader then again when the board connects as a regular USB device.

I think it is close. I think I'm missing something on the Windows side but again I'm not sure. Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Oh yes. Windows XP, Arduino IDE 1.0.5


If you have a spare board can you run the chip detector sketch (below) and post the output?


The UGND signal from the USB connector and Mega32U4 chip pin 5 was connected to the system GND signal. Cut those apart and all is good.