Trouble with grounding higher current hobby servos

Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum, and I'm having a bit of trouble creating my project board. I'm using the atmega328p from the arduino on a custom pcb, and I'm not exactly sure how to wire up the servos. I'm using 2 HS-5645MG Hitec servos that apparently take between 2-2.5A at max torque.

Since the board will always be connected to 5V USB, but the battery won't always be connected and the servos need to be grounded to the same ground as the micro to avoid interference, so I'm sort of skeptical of grounding to the USB port. From what I've seen from other schematics, people seem to wire the external battery (6V), the servos, and the micro all to common ground through the usb port. Is this ok?

Any help would be appreciated!

Ground the servo signals at a GND pin on the Arduino - so each servo's connected by two wires only to Arduino, control pin and ground.

If the servos can be powered down while the Arduino is running add a 1k resistor in series with each servo control pin to prevent damage to its circuitry.

Keep high current wiring separate from signal wires.