Trouble with IR Led

Hello great arduino community this is my first post on the forum

I just bought this pack of IR Led and I have some trouble to make it work.

And the data sheet is this: Description: Brand new & high quality Small size and super bright 100pcs invisible light Infrared IR LED Easy to install and convenient to use Low heat, energy saving, low power consumption, long service life Best replacement for traditional light sources Can be used as light decorations, torches, toys & gifts, car decorations, light box advertising, signal indicator, and so on Specification: Material: Semiconductor, Plastic Lens color: clear Forward Voltage: 1.5~1.6V Forward Current: 60mA Continuous, 120mA peak Pulse width: 10% View Angle: 15-30 degree Wave length: 940nm Diameter: Approx. 0.20inch/0.5cm Pin length: Approx. 0.98inch/2.5cm

I've connected it with the 5V arduino output

if I don't connect any resistor the led simply explode if I connect a 220 homs resistor it seems the led don't emit anything I'm checking both with an IR receiver and my iphone camera.

Does anybody has a clue about it? is this because I should only use a small resistor such as 10 or 100 homs to get around of 100Ma?

Use resistors. Wire them up the right way. Make sure you look at it through your camera directly from the top. Since you already exploded some, you may have already damaged your board.