Trouble with k type thermocouple and max31855/6675 breakout boards


I've been trying to connect k type thermocouples to arduino for about a month. They just keep reading 0C. I have tried two different arduino uno's, one arduino mega 3560, 4 different k type thermocouples, two different max31855 breakout boards, and two different max6675 modules. Every library and code I try has the same result.

I could really use an answer, did I fry my maxim boards?

Code? Schematic?

for the max6675 :
cs -> low
(wait 100ns)
read two bytes (msbfirst) to an int.
Shift that int right 3 bits
print (int/4.0);

I have a X-Board Relay (Arduino Leonardo), I used this example. My chip celect pin (CS) is D11, (changed at code instead of 9 or 10) but always get 0 Ohm and -256ÂșC.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance!!

The example is ment for arduino

  • Circuit:
  • Arduino Uno Arduino Mega --> SEN-30201
  • CS0: pin 9 CS0: pin 9 --> CS, CH0
  • CS1: pin 10 CS1: pin 10 --> CS, CH1
  • MOSI: pin 11 MOSI: pin 51 --> SDI (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • MISO: pin 12 MISO: pin 50 --> SDO (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • SCK: pin 13 SCK: pin 52 --> SCLK (must not be changed for hardware SPI)
  • GND GND --> GND
  • 5V 5V --> Vin (supply with same voltage as Arduino I/O, 5V)

Xboard Pin out: 2 Analog /1 I2C / 4 Digital Pin Out

Identify the pins (the schematic shows where)
U need to alter the example code to match the pins you select to use.

Is there a mixup of chips here. 31865 / 31855 ??

Is there a mixup of chips here. 31865 / 31855 ??

Yes, sorry, I'm using MAX31865.
I've just opened a new topic here.