trouble with midi

I'm having trouble with midi. I can get it to spit out a few random notes and then it will just hold one.

I'm thinking a big part of it is that the MIDI implementation of my synthesizer. It's a Sequential Circuits Six Trak, and the typical commands in the midi tutorials didn't work so I tried to tweak them following the midi guidelines and then I got notes, but it just seems to put out a few notes after I upload the program then stop and hold one.

It seems that the third byte sent should be 0 if the command is note off, but it doesn't seem to work. The first byte doesn't really seem to matter either. Even though note on should be 1001 or 17, but I can put 16, 1, 1000, and it will still put out a few notes then hold one.

nevermind I got it!

OK, new problem. After loading a program the first 10 or so seconds after loading, some notes that I didn't program it to play play, then they hold. After that time my program runs normally.

I'm assuming that the stuff sent back by the Arduino to the computer to tell it that uploading is finished is being sent to my synth.

Is there a way to prevent that from happening?

figured that one out too, I just put a loop that will only execute before I press any buttons that will turn off all notes.