Trouble with mySmartUSB light and Deek-Robot Nano V4.0

Hi all,

yesterday I had trouble with Diamex-AVR stick and my Nano. Today I checked with mySmartUSB light.
At first I would read out some data of Nano. Flash readout was ok. EEprom readout was ok too.
But now: hardware (fuses) could not read out! Can I circumvent this procedure or is something wrong?
I have an origin Nano-board (Deek-Robot Nano V4.0) , since 1 month I was programming successfully via USB.
Now it makes big trouble since I tried writing via ISP. Yesterday I checked it with Diamex-AVR-Stick, and today
I had misfortune with mySmartUSB light stick. I’m using myAVR ProgTool V 1.39.

NEW result: after change stick-firmware to STK500V2 (before it was AVR911)
I can read out fuses. Here the result:

Low Fuses

Ext. Crystal Osc.; Frequency 8.0 MHz; Start-up time PWRDWN/RESET:  16K CK/14 CK +65ms 
OscCal 0 (8.0 MHz): 0

High Fuse

spi enabled
Boot Flash section size=1024 words Boot start address=0x3C00
Boot Reset vector enabled (default address=0x0000)

Extended Fuse

Brown-out detection level at Vcc=2,7V


Mode 1: no memory lock features enabled
Application protection mode 1: no lock on SPM and LPM in Application Section
Boot loader protection mode 3: LPM and SPM protected in Boot Loader Section

What must I do for giving free ISP ?

NEW NEW: After readout fuses - only this - all is ok. Bootloader function ok, ISP loading with DIAMEX-AVR ok, all has no problems. What was that???

Some experiences with this trouble?
Some hints or helps?

best regards