Trouble with new install

Sorry for the novel in advance. Maybe by documenting where I’ve been and what I’ve tried, I can get a real arduino developer to get me started. I have read the background posts, read the rules for the forum, and article on ‘describing what i’ve done’, the near rants against the poor lost noobs that don’t know what they don’t know. I’ve googled the problem and searched on the forums. Although I see some posts of people that seem to have a similar problem, the fix is never well described, just ‘Oh, its working now.’

Problem: When checking or uploading a sketch that includes #include<Arduino.h> or #include “Arduino.h” in any of the .h or .cpp files, the arduino sdk (if thats what the executable is called) abruptly closes, displaying the picture that I attached. This includes the Bridge library that is bundled in the 1.6.2. download. The Servo library doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t reference arduino.h anywhere. Obviously there are more differences than that between the two libraries, but I have also searched for arduino.h and can’t find it on my computer or in the windows .zip download where anyone says it should be. I have read that it should be in \hardware\cores… but there is no “cores” folder under hardware in the zip or in my computer. the only folder I see is “tools” under \hardware. Eventually I found it under Arduino\dist\default_package\packages\arduino\hardware\avr\1.6.2\cores\arduino. I tried copying that whole folder to a new folder named cores under Arduino\hardware\ but that didn’t help.

All I did was take a blank sketch and add the line #include <Bridge.h> at the beginning, to reduce the problem space. It crashes and a blank sketch with #include <Servo.h> doesn’t. Also, if I run a check on a blank sketch it doesn’t crash. I’ve tried run as administrator, run in windows 7 compatibility mode. I’ve downloaded a 3rd party library called MakeItRobotics and it crashes too. I’ve commented out the #include “Arduino.h” line in MakeItRobotics.h and .cpp and it doesn’t crash any more, but it does error on a check with the following errors:
:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\MakeItRobotics/MakeItRobotics.h:146:5: error: ‘byte’ does not name a type
byte irDataLow;
C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\MakeItRobotics/MakeItRobotics.h:147:5: error: ‘byte’ does not name a type
byte irBits;
C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\MakeItRobotics/MakeItRobotics.h:148:5: error: ‘boolean’ does not name a type
boolean irRxFlag;
Error compiling.

I didn’t expect it to succeed in compiling with the #include “Arduino.h” line commented out, but I wanted to know if it would crash the executable or not and it didn’t. As soon as I uncomment that line in the .h file and the .cpp file, a check of the library results in the same crash.

I am new to robotics but get the basic gist of programming. I am only fluent in VB, and have dabbled in Objective C. but am looking to get familiar with C++ and Java and am particularly interested in the internet of things.

If someone could help me get going, I would greatly appreciate it.


Check to see if your Arduino.h header file can be found on path at:


If not, drop back to an earlier release and install that and see if the problem goes away. I have not installed 1.6.2, but I do have 1.6.0 and have had no problems.

I have Arduino IDE version 1.6.2 (downloaded as a zip file), running on Windows 7 (64 bit).
I selected Sketch>Include Library>Bridge

I compiled it without issues, and uploaded to an Arduino UNO without issues.
See attached picture.

You may want to try re-installing the IDE or checking to see if your issue still exists with previous versions of the IDE (ie. v1.6.0)

Interesting! it doesn’t crash with 1.6.0. Has anyone successfully deployed a brand new install with 1.6.2. and been able to compile with #include <Bridge.h> ?

Yes - as indicated above.