Trouble with NodeMcu v.3

Hello, I have recently purchased the NodeMcu with the esp8266 and it says it comes ready to go with Lua.

I have already downloaded the CH340G driver for windows( can some also explain what this means)

I have already have and know how to use the arduino ide . I have downloaded my boards through prefrences and i even managed to use the esp8266 blink example by changing the built in LED function in the code to D7. So i know i can flash code. Does this mean that i have sucesfully installed the CH340G driver?

I eventually want to learn how to connect my NodeMcu to the web. I have looked at many videos on youtube but i see so many different ways. Its a little confusing. I am Trying to connect to my device through Putty but I am not sure if i am supposed to have my COM port to the same one that I use in the arduino, I have tried using the same port that i would use in my arduino but even with my NodeMCU connected correcly to my laptop and i go the the Putty interface and then go to serial connection then type my COM port and the same 9600 baud rate that my NodeMCU suggest. When i connect to the terminal and press the reset on my nodeMUC, it display giberish and unknown symbols. From what i see on Youtube , when u press reset it should display the NodeMCu and the current versions it is running.

I would like to know if I am going the correct route. I have only done the simple blink sketch through the esp8266 library but i want to learn how to control devices wirelessly like it is intended to. Any advice on how to get started done the right path in much appreciated.

You might be interested in my Beginner’s Guide to the ESP8266.


awesome guide, I will read and troubleshoot