Trouble with speed two servo

I build my robot with 2 servos. One should go clockwise other one counterclockwise. They were connected in diffrent way, so in connection i make counterclockwise direction for one servo. Servo was connected to ESC -hobbywing quicrun wp 1060. Both sevo are the same and are brushed.
So i want to test it and put writeMicroseconds(1600), for both. And unfortunatly the second one was slower. After that I connect them in thesame direction and put for both writeMicroseconds(1600) and in next test writeMicroseconds(1400). Result was that, servo is faster when i put 1600. I check speed using hall sensor and counting 100 rotation. Can anybody tell me what can i do to correct this?

It would be very rare to find 2 servos, especially hobby servos modified to be continuous, that are identical. Find the numbers, experimentally that yield the same speeds for both servos.

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But the difference is something about 20%. 100 rotation with signal 1600 took something about 47000 milliseconds and with 1400 took something about 61000 milliseconds. I think that is too much. Meaby i should buy new Servo or new ESC.

Exactly what servos are you talking about ? Servos contain their own control electronics so are not driven by ESCs which makes your statement very confusing. What is the ESC for?

If you have continuous rotation servos then the control signal is supposed to vary the speed so the fact that something is faster with writeMicroseconds(1600) than with writeMicroseconds(1400) is what you would expect.

Please post a schematic/circuit diagram and the code that you are using.


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