Trouble with the "Hello World" sketch. NEW-Duino, please help! :-)

Hello all, So I just got a new MEGA with a LCD. Here is the one I bought;

I have gone to the examples, and run the "Hello World" sketch, and here is what I get.

Binary sketch size: 2,570 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync (): not in sync: resp=0x00

I am new to Arduinos. I have a UNO that I have blinked multiple LEDs at different rates simultaneously (hold your applause :-) ) but that is about it. Please help as I try to tame this new Duino. Thanks, Steve

A Mega has more than 32,256 bytes of program space. Clearly, you did not select then proper board type for compiling/uploading.

Ohhhh, how do I go about doing that again? Thanks! Gave you some Karma.

Tools > Board

Awesome, thanks! Karma for you too! :)

OK so I have it configured for the right board, downloaded the sketch, Saw the RX and TX blinking normally like it downloaded right, and nada. I have power to the LCD, (it is lit) and nada. I tried "Blink" under the LCD part of examples, I assumed that it would maybe make the LCD blink on and off, and same thing. I posted the exact Arduino that I am working with in the link in the first post, does anyone have ANY sketch I can run to test it. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, what should I do first to troubleshoot this? Thanks! Steve

Ok, so I think I have it narrowed down to just the LCD 'cause when I upload the hello word sketch that does not call for the LED on pin 13 to blink it does not, also no hello world either. When I go back and load the regular blink sketch (not the LCD version, the basic one) pin 13 blinks, so what might be the deal with my LCD? It is all lit up and pretty blue, but no hello world for me?

If you are loading the sketch through the right port to the right board, which can be confirmed in the bottom right corner of the IDE, I guess the next problem is the LCD. You don’t mention anything about it.

There is probably nothing actually wrong with it, it is just improperly connected. The vital stuff is in line 43 and the pin description is in the preamble. This is all about how the LCD RS, enable, and data pins 4,5,6,7 are connected. Check the data sheet, if you have one. If it is a bare LCD, this cannot be hard. If it is a shield, it might be a little less obvious. I had to change mine from 12,11,5,4,3,2 to 8,9,4,5,6,7. This was for a LCD shield with six buttons. If you have one of those and no data, like me, you might try that combination .

You don't mention anything about it.

Except for providing a link to it...

Arduino420: Here is the one I bought;

I have gone to the examples, and run the "Hello World" sketch,

OK, I now realise you have a kit - Mega+LCD.

If by examples, you mean those in the standard Arduino IDE under "examples", they are probably the wrong examples. They are for a 16x2 LCD. What you have looks like a Nokia 5110 12x6 display.

In short, you could be using the wrong software. Some software should have been supplied with the kit,or links provided. If so, use that and all should be well. The software may include a library called PCD8544, which has to be installed before you can do anything.

OK, that makes sense! Thanks!