Trouble with the Knock tutorial

Hey all, just got my Arduino Starter Kit in the mail from Sparkfun today, had a great afternoon playing around with it and learning.

There is one issue I’ve been having, it’s actually the only thing that has stumped me so far. I’ve been trying to follow the Knock tutorial in the “learning” section of this site. However, when I set up my circuit and run the example code, the LED I have in pin 13 lights up either constantly or erratically - and there is no movement on the piezo. When I modified the code to print the actual sensor value, its always above 300.

I’m following the example circuit exactly, except that instead of plugging the resistor directly into pin 0, I have it on my breadboard (because my wire leads are too big to put more than one in a socket). The only discrepancy I can find is the fact that I’m using 330 Ohm resistors that came with my kit, and it says in the tutorial to use a 1M ohm, so I tried putting 3 resistors into series, but it still didn’t work.

Slightly confused, hoping someone can tell me what i’m doing wrong here. I can take a picture of my setup tomorrow if need be.

Link to the tutorial:

Hello zeroblitzt :). I am quite new to this site and I don’t pretend that I know what is going on here but I noticed you mentioned that you tried to place 3 330 ohm resistors in goals of reaching 1M ohm. If this wasn’t a misprint then you would only have a total of 1K ohm not 1M ohm. This value is obviously much smaller than what is intended for the circuit.

wow - duh. I feel really foolish now. Thanks. I’m going to need to buy some new resistors.

No prob, I’m sure I will have some questions too once I get my Kit. Maybe you will catch my mistakes too… :wink: