troubles history...I need help with avrdude

Hi everyone!

I've some troubles with my arduino's workink on my pc...

I have an arduino duemilanove and the ubuntu jaunty

First time, arduino works under windows...but when I tried it in ubuntu and installed everything I needed... Arduino had this errorwhen I tried to upload the blink example:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

searching on internet I found how to solve the problem...just compiling and replacing the avrdude with the avrdude-5.4-arduino-0010-src that the main arduino page suggested...

Everything worked for some days until some days ago when I received another error without having changing anything!

I've searched and tried a lot of things but I can't solve the problem....the arduino program sais this when I try to upload the same example:

avrdude: AVR Part "m328p" not found.

Valid parts are:
m6450 = ATMEGA6450 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:11544]
m3250 = ATMEGA3250 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:11355]
m645 = ATMEGA645 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:11166]
m325 = ATMEGA325 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10977]
usb1287 = AT90USB1287 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10789]
usb1286 = AT90USB1286 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10600]
usb647 = AT90USB647 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10411]
usb646 = AT90USB646 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10221]
t84 = ATtiny84 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:10038]
t44 = ATtiny44 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:9856]
t24 = ATtiny24 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:9674]
m2561 = ATMEGA2561 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:9481]
m2560 = ATMEGA2560 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:9288]
m1281 = ATMEGA1281 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:9100]
m1280 = ATMEGA1280 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8911]
m640 = ATMEGA640 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8723]
t85 = ATtiny85 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8542]
t45 = ATtiny45 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8363]
t25 = ATtiny25 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8183]
pwm3b = AT90PWM3B [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:8002]
pwm2b = AT90PWM2B [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:7819]
pwm3 = AT90PWM3 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:7636]
pwm2 = AT90PWM2 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:7452]
t2313 = ATtiny2313 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:7265]
m168 = ATMEGA168 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:7077]
m88 = ATMEGA88 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:6891]
m48 = ATMEGA48 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:6704]
t861 = ATTINY861 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:6516]
t461 = ATTINY461 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:6327]
t261 = ATTINY261 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:6138]
t26 = ATTINY26 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5981]
m8535 = ATMEGA8535 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5823]
m8515 = ATMEGA8515 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5665]
m8 = ATMEGA8 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5505]
m161 = ATMEGA161 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5365]
m32 = ATMEGA32 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:5190]
m6490 = ATMEGA6490 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4997]
m649 = ATMEGA649 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4812]
m3290 = ATMEGA3290 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4629]
m329 = ATMEGA329 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4444]
m169 = ATMEGA169 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4264]
m163 = ATMEGA163 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:4121]
m162 = ATMEGA162 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:3925]
m644p = ATMEGA644P [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:3734]
m644 = ATMEGA644 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:3543]
m324p = ATMEGA324P [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:3351]
m164p = ATMEGA164P [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:3159]
m16 = ATMEGA16 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2981]
c128 = AT90CAN128 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2790]
m128 = ATMEGA128 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2612]
m64 = ATMEGA64 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2431]
m103 = ATMEGA103 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2291]
8535 = AT90S8535 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2170]
8515 = AT90S8515 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:2056]
4434 = AT90S4434 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1973]
4433 = AT90S4433 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1849]
2343 = AT90S2343 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1725]
2333 = AT90S2333 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1640]
2313 = AT90S2313 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1527]
4414 = AT90S4414 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1414]
1200 = AT90S1200 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1299]
t15 = ATtiny15 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:1166]
t13 = ATtiny13 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:993]
t12 = ATtiny12 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:860]
t11 = ATtiny11 [hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:796]

Please....I need help!!! :wink:

[...] avrdude-5.4-arduino-0010-src'll note, on the Linux installation pages, that it says (or should!!) that you need at least version 5.6 of avrdude with the 328.

...additionally, you'll also need a fairly recent (March 2009 or later release date) avr-libc and avr-gcc.

On my Fedora 8 installation, I was getting similar errors... thought I could take the short-cut by upgrading my OS to Fedora 9. ...not quite. I still ended up downloading, compiling, and installing avr-gcc, avr-libc, and avrdude -- because the latest versions available in the Fedora 9 repositories were just shy of the minimum release versions necessary to support the ATmega328

I compiled and installed de avrdude 5.8 and the avrlibc and still received errors...I install it and replace the avrdude/hardware/tools files and now I have the first error:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding