Troubles with ENC28J60

Few weeks ago I started playing with Arduino Uno R3 and I love it. But now I need to move on and make one of the projects permanent. And it also has to be as small as possible. (Uno with an ordinary w5100 shield just isn't an option)
You know... Make my own pcb, hook it up to Arduino mini and leave it be.

So i found one of those small ENC28J60 Boards and though it would be cool.

BUT I can't get this working. I've just about everything you can google on this topic. I tried following different tutorials, tried CS on pin 8 and 10, tried INT on pin 2 (some tutorials did that). And all I was getting all the time was just a bunch of weird characters in serial monitor. Not even mentioning none of those hello world, webserver, ping and other example sketches didn't work.

This image was taken using EtherCard "pings" example sketch on my R3 Uno.

I somehow managed to get it working using EtherShield and this tutorial. But EtherShield is not longer maintained and poeple recommend using EtherCard... and that's dead end.

I have no idea what to do now.
Is it worth it using etherShield library. Or is there any way to fix my problem using EtherCard?
Thanks for your help.

The garbage in the serial monitor looks like you are running it at a different baud rate than what is specified in the sketch.